Monitoring my GitHub repo

Monitoring my GitHub repo

The Problem

Three weeks ago, I randomly got an issue on my latest GitHub repo. A few days later, I got another one. I felt like I wanted a way to know about issues, PRs, or any other repo activity as soon as it comes in. So, I thought to automate it with Slack.

GitHub Actions?

My first thought was to use a GitHub Action. So, I spent a few hours tinkering with a GitHub Action on a test repo to check if it works. In the end, I arrived at a result that worked decently. Although, workflow execution logs are public, allowing anyone to see who and what triggered it.

Why is that a problem?

Because, if a user stars and unstars the repo, it would be visible in the logs. Same for if a user watches and unwatches the repo.

So, that never made it to the final repo.


Then, I told ChatGPT (funny, considering the repo) about the issue and it suggested platforms like Zapier. So, I signed up for a Zapier account, oAuth’d into Slack and GitHub, and set up my Zap. I wouldn’t get notifications for every star, but that’s a small compromise.

The only problem the Free plan offers 100 — in this case, uncontrollable — Zap executions per month. That means, at any point, Slack notifications for that month will just stop.

So, I didn’t go the Zapier route.

GitHub integration for Slack

I was looking for a solution and found a GitHub repo integrations/slack. This was a repo by GitHub about their integration for Slack.

Adding it is simple:

  • Visit

  • Click Add to Slack

  • Add the integration to your workspace, and then add it to a channel

  • Use this command: /subscribe [repo] [optional additional events to subscribe to]

So, I added the integration, subscribed to the repo (linking it to the channel).

When I made a commit, I get a notification like this:

Slack message from “GitHub” app showing details of commit

A few days later, as I switched my phone on, I got a Slack notification.

Slack message from “GitHub” app showing issue details (created by and issue body visible in the image)

So, I replied to the message using Slack itself.

GitHub reply from user with Slack logo in bottom-right corner of the profile picture

(I later moved to Discord, with their tailor-made webhook integration for GitHub which provides me more data than the Slack integration did)