Live GitHub Status (for GNOME Wayland)

Live GitHub Status (for GNOME Wayland)

I had this cool idea to show the currently focused application on my system (i use gnome on ubuntu btw) as part of my GitHub status.


I first went into GitHub settings and created a PAT (NOT fine-grained) with the user scope.

Then, I found a command on GitHub to get the focused window class under Wayland in GNOME (e.g. firefox, Code, Org.gnome.Software) and passed that into os.popen()

I then used GPT to generate Python code to send the GraphQL API request (although similar code for TS/JS is available in this GitHub repo)

I also added some code to map an application name to an emoji with fallbacks.

Just wrap that in a while True: loop and you’re done—

Almost, there are a few things missing:

  • adding more user friendly names for apps like Org.gnome.Software (Ubuntu Software), but that’s something for a future point in time.

  • clear status after some time

The Code